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Moreorless Design

We're a loose cloud of friends which sublimates and forms as per the whims of the weather and the climate of our concerns (which are social, architectural, aesthetic, personal and many others). One such climatic event was the El Nino of the Spiretec Design Competition in 2010 which some of us got together to do.

India's First Architectural Copetition of it's scale and type in the Corporate World: Spiretec IT Complex

Moreorless Design's Spiretec Pitch! from Moreorless Design on Vimeo.

Moreorless’s six architects attacked the design as individuals given the responsibility of the project, having to bring their personal world-views to the negotiating table, to the push and pull of discussion and debate. In the centre, the common ground: the design-problem: contexts, program, climate, geography, people, existing buildings and the river.

The design philosophy begins with the structure of the process– acknowledging that there are six very distinct individuals at work. The development proceeds not by division of labour, but by clash and consequence, by the generation and assimilation of many ideologies. The result is a many-faceted multiplicity of buildings, bounded together not by a single design principle, but by the acceptance of the diversity of principles.